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Asiatec Coatings (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Product Information

We specialize in developing innovative products for our clients and this is especially challenging when we are posed with unique and difficult requirements. Such a service offered by Asia Paint is only made possible by the commitment and experience of our Technical staff. Paints which have been developed as leading technologies in our industry include:


. APM3000 MP Primer – A one pack primer which provides good adhesion over most metals including mild steel, galvanised iron, electro-galvanised plate, aluminium, stainless steel, zinc plated steel, titanium and various alloys.


. APM3010 – A one pack fast drying topcoat which allows quick and easy handling of the painted vehicles thereby obviating the use of drying ovens.  Importantly, APM3010 has indefinite self to self recoating property which is critical for future paint maintenance and it is also designed for use in confined internal areas with a Class One Surface Spread of Flame.


. APM7011 2 Pack Adhesion Promoter – This product was designed as a adhesion promoter allowing hard composites to be painted without the need for sanding.


. Technogrip 300 One Step Topcoat – Technogrip 300 is a one-step topcoat that is specially formulated to provide a tenacious grip over most metals and targeted for components where sanding is not feasible, eg. galvanised or stainless steel bolts, nut, washers, fasteners etc.


. Technoflex 620 Elastomer Coating – A one pack elastomeric paint designed for application over rubberized canvas found on insulation foams. This product is formulated for use in confined internal areas with a Class One Surface Spread of Flame.


. Technodek 152 Non-skid coating – This product is designed as a non-skid paint which the aggregates are already suspended in the paint. Technodek 152 can be used in place of adhesive non-skid strips for areas which require general non-heavy duty anti-slip properties. Advantage of Technodek 152 is that this product does not warp and delaminate like adhesive non-skid strips when exposed to the elements of weathering.


. APM 3001 CF Primer – Chromate free version of APM3000 MP Primer. This is perhaps the only locally manufactured fifth generation etch primer which does not contain chromates. The technological breakthrough which Asiatec Coatings has made, was however, not emulated by other Paint Research Agencies in Singapore who were working even on 2 pack chromate free primers.


Our involvement in military coatings does not stop here. We are also a leading OEM manufacturer of Military Specification products. In addition, we have been working very closely with local defense agencies. It is our philosophy to commit to our customers our latest know-how and specialization through innovative products plus solutions.


Text Box:  Military Coatings
Text Box: Asiatec Coatings and Asia Paint group of companies are the largest supplier of military vehicle coatings in Singapore. Besides our range of military vehicle coatings which have been designed specifically to our customer’s requirements, our enamel paint has been supplied over the years for general military equipment and vehicle maintenance.

Use of this photograph has been approved by MINDEF.