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Asiatec Coatings (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Product Information

The Technogard and APM series of heavy duty products are designed for use in aggressive and corrosive marine environment. Our range of epoxy systems are designed for high performance applications. APM7016 High Build Epoxy or APM7018 Universal Epoxy are examples of easy to apply, durable and cost effective coatings. APM7018 Universal Epoxy is even formulated for use over aged coatings and compromised surfaces. Both APM7016 High Build Epoxy and APM7018 Universal Epoxy are suitable for underwater applications.


Our Technocopper is a unique Epoxy Copper Antifouling that performs by functioning as a copper shield for the boat underwater hull. In addition, we also supply self ablative antifouling paints for different refurbishment periods. 

Text Box: Whether it is underwater or above-water applications, we have a comprehensive and versatile range of marine coatings that will meet your requirements. 
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