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Asiatec Coatings (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Product Information

Our structural armour and armour sub-assemblies offer excellent heat insulation properties, are resistant to acid attack, are fire retardant and are inherently non corroding. These armours  provide excellent levels of protection from fragmentation, small arms, grenade, mine and burning fluid threats.  Degree of protection range from 9mm DM11A1B2 @ 420 m/s to 7.62X51mm AP @ 850 m/s.

Text Box: Integrated protection is available to Military and law enforcement personnel, aid workers and television crews who all face the same threat from small arms, mines and bombs when deployed in high risks areas. Together with the partnership of our counterpart from Europe, Asiatec Coatings is capable of supplying composite armour for vehicles, aircraft and marine vessels. In addition, composite helmets and lightweight body armour are also available. 
Text Box: Anti-ballistic Composites